Friday, 18 February 2011

Pet Project Resurrected

So, about 14 months or so ago, I spent a few weeks learning Haskell over Christmas. Then, I had to start work in earnest on my MSc final-year project, so the Haskell hacking went on the back burner.

Now that I'm in my last few weeks of the MSc, I've picked up Haskell again. Last time around I'd knocked myself up a basic little raytracer. I'm now starting up that project again. I want to work on some off-line rendering techniques for a change of pace from the day job.

So far, I've got the basics: reflection, refraction, shadows, materials and shaders (100% Haskell including shaders):

So what's next? I reckon:

* Distributed ray tracing
* Anti-aliasing
* More light types and lighting model types

That should be a good set of features to work on whilst I get my Haskell back up to speed. Once I'm back up to speed, I can start to look at meatier tasks like an asset pipeline or spatial partitioning.

I did have it running in parallel last time round, but that's all changed in Haskell in the last year or so, so I'll have to revisit that.

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